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About the Organization

The Loudoun Freedom is a basketball organization for and about girls. The mission of the Loudoun Freedom is to provide girls the opportunity to develop their basketball skills and their understanding of how to play the game of basketball in a highly competitive environment. The Freedom promotes the values of competition, hard work, teamwork, selflessness, confidence, and community within its membership. We focus on both the development of the individual player and the importance of the team.

Eligibility Requirements:
The Loudoun Freedom eligibility requirements adhere to Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) rules which dictate that girls play on teams defined by their age as of their grade and age on September 1 of the school year. See information about grade requirements on the Tryouts page.

Team Composition:
Loudoun Freedom teams are formed on the basis of open, competitive tryouts.

Loudoun Freedom teams are not affiliated with any particular middle school or region; all eligible players are welcome to tryout.

Players must represent the values of the organization, must adhere to their commitment statements, and must retain good academic standing. Coaches shall consult with parents to ensure that participation with the Loudoun Freedom does not jeopardize a member's academic performance. All parents, coaches, and volunteers must also commit to and represent the values of the organization.

Seasonal Operation:
Loudoun Freedom teams operate year-round. High school age teams typically only operate in the spring and summer unless there is interest for the fall season. Tryouts will be held in the spring. Players will be required to re-earn placement on teams.

Team Fees and Funding:
The organization is a not-for-profit endeavor. All team costs are borne by the team membership and put back into the team. Fees will be itemized and collected after the composition of the team and the team budget are determined each season.

Fees for members vary season and typically cover such items as uniforms, gym space, league or tournament registration, and administrative items that cover the cost of operating the organization. Optional items like spiritwear are available. Where possible, the team will seek to defray membership costs either through fund-raising or by seeking sponsorships.

The Loudoun Freedom is a 501c(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Association (AAU).

Team Practice

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