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Board of Directors

The Loudoun Freedom is governed by its President and a Board of Directors. The President and Board are responsible for determining the direction, philosophy, culture, and day-to-day operation of the Loudoun Freedom.

Teams are organized into structures with volunteer roles that allow parent volunteers to help manage teams. You can find information on Volunteer Roles here.

President: Deeanne Fagan

  • Provides leadership to the Freedom, its Board of Directors, and members
  • Oversee and coordinate all activities of the Freedom
  • Establish the culture and philosophy of the Freedom
  • Serve as ambassador and direct point of contact between the Freedom and the public
  • Promote the development of Freedom players and coaches
  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Loudoun Freedom
  • Responsible for the implementation of policies established to run the Freedom

Coaches' Agent:

  • Liaison between the coaches and the Board of Directors for any coaching issues, suggestions, recommendations, etc.
  • Conduct coaches' meetings
  • Resource for coaches regarding coaching strategy, tactical or technical questions

Fundraising Director:

  • Establish fund-raising programs for the Loudoun Freedom organization
  • Coordinate fund-raising activities between the Loudoun Freedom and its teams


  • Mediate between the coaches and parents to help resolve significant issues that may come up over the course of the season
  • Parents approach the Ombudsman with major issues


  • Determine potential organization spiritwear and gear options
  • Lead social media activities
  • Organize marketing activities

Operations Director:

  • Provide legal and operational guidance
  • Ensure the Freedom operates within federal, state, and local statutes and laws

Scholarship Director:

  • Manage the organization's scholarship fund and its allocation


  • Ensures that minutes of board meetings are taken
  • Ensures that the decisions of the board are recorded accurately
  • Acts as the custodian of the organization's records, documentation, membership information

Sponsorship Director:

  • Seek charitable contributions in support of Freedom activities
  • Seek sponsorship and investment opportunities in support of the Freedom

Technical Director:

  • Establish a player development program that provides players with the ability to play at a high level
  • Establish high level training programs and opportunities for players to increase their skill level
  • Establish a coaches development program
  • Organize Loudoun Freedom tournaments and showcase events
  • Organize and conduction summer camps, clinics, and training programs


  • Manage the Freedom organization's finances
  • Coordinate the financial activities of Freedom teams with team treasurers

The Loudoun Freedom is a 501c(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Association (AAU).

For information about the Loudoun Freedom, contact