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Loudoun Freedom ByLaws

Article I: Name
Section 1. The name of this organization is Loudoun Freedom.
Section 2. The organization website is

Article II: Objective
Section 1. The goal of the Loudoun Freedom is to provide eligible young persons an opportunity to develop their basketball skills, play in a competitive environment, and develop a better understanding of teamwork and community.
Section 2. The Freedom will support competitive girls teams that support the goals established in section 1.
Section 3. The Loudoun Freedom supports values that include: teamwork, hard work, respect, focus, leadership, cconfidence, communication.

Article III: Organization
Section 1. The Loudoun Freedom is established as an independent, 503(c) non-profit organization.
Section 2. The organization shall be authorized to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered by officers and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article II hereof.
Section 3. No substantial part of the organization shall be the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation. Nor shall the organization participate in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.
Section 4. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Articles, the organization shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by a corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or (b) by a corporation, contributions to which are deductible under Section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Section 5. The Loudoun Freedom is not associated with any school.
Section 6. The colors of the Loudoun Freedom are navy blue, white, and orange.

Article IV: Membership
Section 1. The Loudoun Freedom supports girls' teams only.
Section 2. Potential membership of the Loudoun Freedom is open to all players, parents, coaches, trainers, managers and personnel without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin, to the extent that teams are provided for specific age groups.
Section 3. Youth members are subject to eligibility rules set forth by the Amateur Athletic Association [henceforth referred to as AAU]. The majority of team membership must come from Loudoun County. At least 80% of the team membership must come from inside Loudoun County.
Section 4. Selection to the team(s) that operate within the Loudoun Freedom organization is based on open, competitive tryouts. Tryouts are held twice a year, for the fall and spring. The Freedom Directors will establish the schedule of tryouts.
Section 5. Any coach, parent volunteers, or other volunteer personnel will be considered a member of the organization during the period of their participation in Loudoun Freedom activities.

Article V: Government
Section 1. The Loudoun Freedom operates under the management of a Director, in accordance with its ByLaws and these Articles.
Section 2. Volunteers may serve a variety of roles in support of the Directors in managing the organization. These volunteers are typically parents of team members. Volunteer roles include: team manager, scorekeeper, game clock manager, statistician, photographer, social coordinator, and other functions directly or indirectly related to the organization.
Section 3. The ByLaws allow for the creation of a Board of Directors as deemed necessary to assist the Director in the operation of the organization.

Article VI: The Director
Section 1. The Director is responsible for the overall direction, vision and day-to-day management of the Loudoun Freedom.
Section 2. In the absence of a Board of Directors and in the absence of defined positions, the Director serves as the Treasurer or other official functions.
Section 3. The Directors shall perform the following duties as necessary:

  1. Preside over all meetings, practices, events, and activities;
  2. Organize a schedule of events;
  3. Manage the organization's financial ledger;
  4. Determine the structure and number of teams and what age groups the Freedom will support;
  5. Approve and appoint coaches and assistant coaches;
  6. Secure practice gym space;
  7. Manage major tasks such as tryout scheduling, uniform acquisition, and other tasks associated with creating new teams;
  8. Organize Loudoun Freedom-sponsored tournaments, clinics, and other events;
  9. Coordinate fund-raising activities;
  10. Appoint a Treasurer, Fund-Raising Coordinator, or other officers or assistance as necessary;
  11. Other day-to-day operational tasks and activities involved with running the organization;
  12. Set policies and guidelines that are not identified by the bylaws as needed and that are consistent with the bylaws and mission of the organization.

Article VII: Treasurer
Section 1. The Treasurer shall perform the following duties:

  1. Manage the accounting and finances for the Loudoun Freedom;
  2. Prepare a budget and financial report;
Section 2. In the absence of a Treasurer, the Directors shall perform the duties of the Treasurer.

Article VIII: Fund-Raising Coordinator
Section 1. The Fund-Raising Coordinator shall perform the following duties:

  1. Manage overall organization fund-raising efforts;
  2. Assist individual teams with fund-raising efforts;
  3. Coordinate with community and business leaders regarding fund-raising efforts and sponsorships.
Section 2. In the absence of a Fund-Raising Coordinator, the Directors shall perform the duties of the Fund-Raising Coordinator.

Article IX: Dissolution
In the event of the dissolution of the organization, all remaining assets will be used to enhance the skill development of its membership.

Article X: Administration of the ByLaws
Section 1. Any question as to the meaning or proper interpretation of these bylaws shall be determined by the Director of the Loudoun Freedom.
Section 2. The Director is empowered to make changes to the ByLaws as they deem necessary.
Section 3. In the event of the future creation of a Board of Directors, the Board of Directors must approve of all changes to the ByLaws by a 51% majority vote.

Article XI: Player Eligibility Standards
Section 1. Age Eligibility rules for girls are established by the AAU. See Age Eligibility Rules.
Section 2. Players are allowed to play up upon the discretion of the Freedom Director. A player defined as U11 by eligibility rules can play up on a U12 team.
Section 3. Players cannot play below their age group in AAU-sanctioned events. A U13 player is not eligible to play on a U12 team in AAU-sanctioned events unless they qualify under AAU rules.
Section 4. Players who turn down an offer from one Loudoun Freedom team may not play on another Loudoun Freedom time, at the discretion of the Director.
Section 5. Players must retain good academic standing. Coaches shall consult with parents to ensure that participation with the Loudoun Freedom does not jeopardize a member's academic performance.

Article XII: Player Membership
Section 1. Membership on the team will always be based on either competitive group or individual tryouts.
Section 2. All player members must become extended members of the AAU. The organization will secure AAU registration numbers for each participating player.
Section 3. Once a team is formed, coaches will hold a parent-player meeting to discuss rules and expectations and collect team funds for the season.
Section 4. All members of the Loudoun Freedom must provide a copy of the members’ birth certificate and sign a liability waiver and medical permission form.

Article XIII: Player Participation Guidelines
Section 1. The Loudoun Freedom does not require minimum playing time standards.
Section 2. While playing time decisions should be based upon fair standards and decisions, playing time is at the discretion of the coaching staff. Each coach should use her or his best judgement to determine the appropriate levels of playing time for each member of their team based on fair tangible and intangible criteria.
Section 3. Coaches should seek the find a balance between developing players and winning games. The organization shall establish playing time philosophies that reflect both the competitive nature of the organization as well as its mission to prepare players.
Section 4. Parents shall provide coaches with all information regarding any medical and health information issues that affect their child's participation with the Loudoun Freedom. The organization shall have a clear policy on handling medical conditions such as concussions.

Article XIV: Practices
Section 1. Practices are always open to parents, barring any parent-caused disruptions that would call for their removal.
Section 2. Members of the Loudoun Freedom shall promote the principles of attendance, hard work, focus, composure and respect, and communication during practices.

Article XV: Player Commitment
Section 1. No prospective participants will be turned away solely for participating in other sports. All participant-members should understand the normal consequnces of practice or game absences due to choosing other non-required activities.
Section 2. All participants-members should understand that they are making a commitment to the organization and their teammates for the entire playing season. [Seasons are defined as the four calendar seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter]. Players are expected to attend practices and games. Parents should let the coaches know at registration, tryouts, or first parent meetings if there are conflicts that could cause their child to miss practices or games. Parents are expected to make arrangements with the coaches to prevent consistent absences due to confllicts.
Section 3. In the event that consistent conflicts arise than can not be resolved and that result in frequent absences from team events, the Loudoun Freedom reserves the right to remove a player from the organization without refund of funds rendered based upon the prior commitment to play.

Article XVI: Staff/Volunteer Recruitment
Section 1. The Freedom promotes the ideas of a "good coach" and seeks to recruit quality individuals into positions of responsibility.
Section 2. All prospective coaches interested in joining the Loudoun Freedom must submit an application detailing experience and coaching philosophy. All prospective coaches must be interviewed and approved by the Directors.
Section 3. All prospective coaches must register with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) at Candidates should choose the Extended Membership, girls youth basketball program, and Loudoun Freedom as the club.
Section 4. All prospective coaches must take the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) course(s) also found on the AAU website.
Section 5. All prospective coaches must take the NFHSLearn course on concussions.
Section 6. The Loudoun Freedom does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, ethnicity, race, or religion.
Section 7. Head coaches must be twenty-one (21) years of age. Assistant coaches must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

Article XVII: Coaches Behavior
Section 1. The Loudoun Freedom will require and provide means for coaches to obtain training and certifications in coaching young persons and specifically coaching basketball.
Section 2. No coach shall engage in physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse or demeaning behavior toward any member of the Loudoun Freedom.
Section 3. The Loudoun Freedom will foster a continuing development program for coaches that will include at least the following topics:

  1. Child Development
  2. Sports Psychology
  3. Growth and Development Issues
  4. First Aid/CPR
  5. Sports Rules, Techniques and Strategies
  6. Team Organization and Administration
  7. Sports Conditioning, Endurance, and Speed Training

Article XVIII: Finances
Section 1. The Loudoun Freedom is primarily self-financed through membership contributions.
Section 2. The organization provides a clear statement of costs for participation in the program (league or tournament fees, practice gym usage fees, uniform costs, equipment costs, etc.).
Section 3. The Loudoun Freedom will itemize fees and collect funds after the composition of the team is determined for each season.
Section 4. Membership fees are non-refundable once membership is accepted; per family costs are determined based on a family's commitiment and the number of players on a team. If a family chooses to quit the team during the season, that leaves team activities unfunded. They forfeit their fees.
Section 5. The Loudoun Freedom will develop a budget, which is fiscally sound.
Section 6. Complementary finances are sought through sponsorships by partner organizations and fund-raising activities.
Section 7. All fund-raising activities conducted by the umbrella organization shall go toward organizational costs that benefit directly or indirectly all member teams. Any fund-raising activities conducted by specific teams can benefit the team in question at the discretion of the Directors.

Article XIX: Coordination with Community
Section 1. The Loudoun Freedom aims to be a quality sports organization by coordinating activities with other community groups that administer or support youth programs (i.e. Parks and Recreation Department, local merchants, youth groups, etc.).
Section 2. Particular areas of interaction include:

  1. Recruitment and registration of athletes;
  2. Use of facilities for practices and/or competitions;
  3. Contract with speed, endurance, and conditioning professionals;
  4. Access to facilities for fund-raising activities.

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