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By Laws

Coaches - Spring 2017

Team Head Coach Asst Coach
3rd Grade Deeanne Fagan
4th Grade Michael Turner
5th Grade Mark Forester
6th Grade Deeanne Fagan Michael Turner
6th Grade Kevin Shea Damon Morris
7th Grade Raven Short Karlene Lesho
7th Grade Greg Jay Rich Mullen
8th Grade Steve Cohoon Mike Surma
8th Grade John Randall Todd Herr
8th Grade Todd Turner
9th Grade Showcase Clair Volker Deeanne Fagan
9th Grade Raven Short Camryn Fagan, Joe Smith
9th Grade Kerry Whitney
10th Grade Kenyamo McFarlane
11th Grade Michael Turner

Coaching Resources
The Freedom offers its coaches extensive Coaching Resources and Documents that help with developing players and teams, practices, dealing with health issues, as well as other Freedom-related items.

Coaching Requirements:
The Freedom seeks quality individuals who prioritize the values of fairness, respect, hard work, and responsibility. Freedom coaches seek to develop not only competitive teams, but strong players who understand how to play the game.

All prospective coaches interested in joining the Loudoun Freedom should submit a Coaches Application detailing their experience and coaching philosophy. The Loudoun Freedom does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, ethnicity, race, or religion. Head coaches must be twenty-one (21) years of age. Assistant coaches must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

Coaches are required to register with the Amateur Athletic Union(AAU) at AAU Sports as part of their application. This entails taking Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) courses as well.

Active Freedom coaches are required to take the NFHS Course on Concussions.

Whiile the Loudoun Freedom will provide Coaching Resources, coaches are encouraged to educate themselves - with the assistance of the Freedom organization - in the following topics:

  • Child Development
  • Sports Psychology
  • Growth and Development Issues
  • First Aid/CPR, medical conditions particular to young individuals
  • Sports Rules, Techniques and Strategies
  • Team Organization and Administration
  • Sports Conditioning, Endurance, and Speed Training

No coach shall engage in physical, sexual, mental, or emotional abuse toward any member of the Loudoun Freedom or any member of the general community.

Practicing passing against the trap

For information, contact the Loudoun Freedom at