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Commitment Statement

By accepting an offer to join the Loudoun Freedom, you confirm that you and your player understand and acknowledge agreement to the following Loudoun Freedom commitment statements:

Player Commitment:
As a committed member of my Loudoun Freedom basketball team, I agree to:

  • Always arrive on time and attend ALL practices, games and other team events OR notify my coach in a timely manner if I will be tardy or unable to make a practice, game, or team event.
  • Listen to my coach and communicate directly with them if I have issues or concerns.
  • Focus and work hard at every practice and during every game.
  • Take ownership to be my personal best by practicing fundamental basketball skills and conditioning on my own outside of normal practice times.
  • Accept my coach's tactical decisions (player positioning, play time, etc.) without complaint or debate.
  • Respect my teammates and support them as a good teammate.
  • Always behave in a way that demonstrates pride in being a member of the Loudoun Freedom by exhibiting a positive attitude as well as good sportsmanship to opposing coaches, players and their parents and all referees.

Parent Commitment
As a parent member of the Loudoun Freedom basketball organization, I agree to:

  • Take responsibility for staying current on Loudoun Freedom and team scheduled activities and updates by reading all organizational and team emails and routinely checking the Loudoun Freedom website.
  • Support the Freedom as much as possible when it hosts tournaments, games, and other events by volunteering. Support the Freedom in its fund-raising activities.
  • Lend my support to my child and their teammates in a positive manner, avoiding criticism and negativity.
  • Nurture independence in my child and provide them "ownership" of their actions by:
    • Having them pack their own bag for practices and games and make them responsible for wearing their Freedom practice jersey to every practice;
    • When appropriate, having my child communicate directly with the coach regarding issues, concerns and conflicts;
    • Allowing my child the freedom to train without my active presence and to compete in games without parental pressure and instruction.
  • Ensure that my child and their teammates refrain from using foul language, alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other illegal substances that will hurt or degrade their condition as an athlete and representative of the Loudoun Freedom.
  • Provide or make arrangements to secure transportation to and from all practices and games, ensuring that my child is prompt not only in arriving, but also departing.
  • Treat all organizational members, opponents, officials and coaches with courtesy, respect and good sportsmanship.
  • Avoid public disagreement with and/or criticism of my coach, referees, other parents, opponents or organizational board members. Direct all questions, input, suggestions or concerns to the organizational Ombudsman in an adult atmosphere, with these conversations occurring when youth players are not present and after allowing for an appropriate amount of time (24 hours) to "cool down" before initiating the conversations.
  • Have a healthy perspective on youth sports, and help reinforce the lessons learned from losses and difficult or challenging circumstances in a positive manner.
  • Attempt to determine potential conflicts (vacations, family obligations, religious observances, etc.) that might arise over the course of the playing season and communicate scheduling conflicts to my coach and/or team manager in a prompt fashion.
  • Honor all financial commitments associated with being a member of the Loudoun Freedom and submit my required payments on time as scheduled.
  • Remain with my Loudoun Freedom team for the duration of the playing season unless extenuating circumstances arise (ex: family relocation) and understand that if my player leaves the organization for any unexcused reason prior to the end of that playing season, my fees will not be refunded.
  • Represent Loudoun Freedom with values, principles and ethics of the highest standards, both on and off the court.

Commitment Statement (pdf)

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