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The Loudoun Freedom is a girls' organization whose mission includes preparing girls to play at a highy competitive level. The includes preparing players for high school and college levels.

The Loudoun Freedom is committed to providing fundamental and advanced skill development as well as teaching girls how to play the game of basketball. We are committed to developing talented, smart, confident players who are wonderful representatives for themselves, their families, their teams, their community, and the Freedom organization.

The Loudoun Freedom's approach is to bring players together from all over the county and outside the county. We believe that quality players will be challenged and pushed to excel by playing with and against other quality players. We prepare kids for high school and beyond.

The Loudoun Freedom promotes player effort and growth, not just "results". The Freedom strives to create basketball players of strong moral character by stressing these fundamental values:

  • Competitiveness and development of athletes to excel at a high level of competition
  • Teamwork, selflessness, and a team-first mentality
  • Sportsmanship and respect for oneself, teammates, coaches, parents, opponents, and officials
  • Hard work and effort
  • Maintain an atmosphere of positive reinforcement and motivation
  • Integrity
  • Self-confidence
  • Leadership
  • Mentor and develop members as both athletes and individuals

When it comes to basketball and teams, we hold these as non-negotiables (they are not optional for players and coaches! This list will grow!

  • Boxing Out
  • Defense (including effort)
  • Teamwork and Selflessness
  • Good Attitudes
  • Togetherness and Team Chemistry

The organization supports competitiveness while avoiding a "win-at-all cost" mentality. The organization also promotes a culture of chemistry, unity and mutual support among our members. Members support each other's daughters on the team, support the coaching staff and support the organization.

It is very important that we have coaches who embody the values of the Freedom and whose top priority is the development and well-being of their players. We promote positive, confidence-building coaching that emphasizes fairness and a team-first mentality. One of the most important ways to retain players and grow is to have quality coaches.

The Loudoun Freedom has always been involved in the community. We seek to not only build ties with social, charitable, business, and other community organizations but also develop a sense of community involvement in our members.

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